Prestige Lavender 2 kg

Reliable universal detergent
Prestige Lavender is one of the newest Spartan Cleaner products. It is ideal combination of new, refined formula with amazing lavender smell. Its rich composition has all that is necessary for fighting
burdensome stains.

Despite its remarkable washing properties it is very delicate for the fabrics. Getting deep into the structure of the fibres, it removes even the toughest stains, which allows preventing them from turning grey and recovers dazzling lustre and intensive colours.

In its composition there are no fosfolites and zeolites that could cause allergic reaction.
Thanks to that it is friendly also for the allergy sufferers.
Prestige Universal Lavender 2 kg
Number in package 8
Number in layer 96
Number of layers 4
Number on the pallet 384
EAN code 5905669762267

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