Prestige White Attak

Reliable bleach
In time white fabrics tend to slowly become yellow or grey. Effective stain removing and recovering snow-whiteness of washed fabrics is possible thanks to using Prestige Oxy & Enzyme.

It is unmatched as a dried stains soaking agent and it can be used to fight the toughest dirt. It can also be used as the addition to a detergent. Special products from Prestige family will help to not only fast but efficiently recover your favourite clothes their dazzling whiteness. Prestige bleach does not leave unpleasant smell which makes it unique when compared to other similar products.
Prestige bleach White Attak 600 g + 150 g
Number in package 12
Number in layer 156
Ilość warstw 6
Number of layers 936
EAN code 5905669762199

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