We deal with production, distribution and wholesale of cleaning products and as Spartan Cleaner company we have entered the market in year 2010. From the very beginning we have put hard work and dedication in order to learn current needs of our customers and get to as many of them as possible.

In first three years of our activity we have met customers in United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Libya. We also lead discussions with most of the countries in Central Africa. We are proud of our success but we never stop developing.

Spartan Cleaner has also dynamically entered the markets of such European countries as Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic or Slovakia. We also have great sales results in Guadeloupe, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

The products we sell are created in accordance with the highest standards, as well as taking into account the current market demand, for which the product is made. Due to increasing demand for our premium products, we have introduced a new offer of products made in Germany. All products are being made in accordance with their national directions and using materials available on German market. We do not doubt that products made in this series will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Spartan Cleaner Sp. z o. o.

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