We deal with production, distribution and wholesale of cleaning products. Since the very beginning of our activity we have always cared to know current needs of our customers and get to as many of them as possible. We designed the formula for our products in such a way as to meet customers’ expectations in order to satisfy even the most demanding of them.

The products we sell are created in accordance with the highest standards, as well as taking into account the current market demand, for which the product is made. Adjusting the content, volume and the look of a package for your liking is not a problem for us.

We offer a broad range of cleaning products:

Washing powders

Very effective and efficient detergents for white
and colour fabrics.

Washing gels

Gels effectively washing fibres from tough stains even
in low temperatures.

Fabric softeners

High quality fluids giving clothes a delicate,
long lasting smell.

Stain removers and bleaches

Guarantee of effective stain removal from the fabrics
and recovering snow whiteness.

Dish soaps

Multifunctional agents removing dirt, grease and food leftovers from the dishes.

Toilet products

Wide range of products: gels and toilet cubes,
air refreshers etc.

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