Königliche Wäsche

Washing powder - Color Magnolie

500 g

Unwashed clothes, chemical and unpleasant smell of powder or a tiring allergy that requires the use of particularly delicate cosmetics can effectively make life miserable. Fortunately, we have a reliable solution. These are excellent powders from the Königliche Wäsche family. Color washing powder will not only incredibly effectively deal with the most difficult dirt from coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit or even grass. It also gives the laundry a pleasant and fresh scent. What's more, it perfectly rinses out of clothes, and thus leaves no stains. Its undoubted advantage is also that it does not contain phosphates and zeolites. These substances are largely responsible for the irritation of sensitive skin and also cause allergic reactions. The composition of our powders is constantly monitored by specialists in order not only to adjust their composition to the changing requirements of the market, as well as to the preferences of consumers. Thanks to this, we can successfully compete with the most famous brands.

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