We deal with production, distribution and wholesale of cleaning products and as Spartan Cleaner company we entered the market in 2010. From the very beginning we have put hard work and dedication in order to learn the current needs of our customers and get to as many of them as possible. Our products are made in accordance with the highest standards and current needs of the market. Due to increasing demand for our premium products, we have introduced a new offer of products made in Germany. All products are being made in accordance with their national directions and using materials available on the German market. We do not doubt that products made in this series will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Our experience has allowed us to create a brand of high quality products that have an expanding number of happy customers. Other than that we can start cooperation with intermediaries and serve them with our knowledge. We are a company open to cooperation proposals from customers from all over the world. We would be pleased to discuss the idea and advise you what route to take in order to be successful.

We offer a broad range of cleaning products:

Washing powders

Very effective and efficient detergents for white and colour fabrics.

Washing gels

Gels effectively wash fibres from tough stains even in low temperatures.

Fabric softeners

High quality fluids giving clothes a delicate, long lasting smell.

Stain removers and bleaches

Guarantee of effective stain removal from the fabrics and recovering snow whiteness.

Washing-up products

Multifunctional agents removing dirt, grease and food leftovers from the dishes.

Toilet products

Wide range of products: gels and toilet cubes, air fresheners etc.

Our newest products



Laundry capsules - Universal

30 x 15 g

Laundry capsules - Universal